How to use options to increase your income

Now this is what I call a great option!

Financial options can be very useful for generating additional income and improving overall investment returns.

There are many option products and strategies available.  Some of these can get very complex, and some are very risky also.

The focus of this post is on basic put and call options.  More specifically, we will discuss the merits, risks and tax implications of selling (or going short) these options in order to generate income. Continue reading “How to use options to increase your income”

How we achieved financial independence and retired early

Maybe not financially, but they’re independent too…

My wife and I achieved financial independence in our early 50s.  We retired soon thereafter.  That is early in conventional terms, but it pales in comparison to what quite a few others have achieved.  Some folks have left their jobs as early as their 20s and 30s – achieving so called “extreme early retirement”, or ERE.

So our story is by no means extraordinary.  I believe that financial independence and early retirement are within reach of many people.  And I hope that this blog will help and inspire readers who are interested in achieving their financial goals.  Here’s how we achieved ours.

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