about me

I am Mr Royal Blue, an early retiree who spent the past 25 years working in the corporate world.  All of my professional roles were in finance and accounting.  And on the personal side, I also enjoyed saving, investing, building our nest egg, and ultimately working towards financial independence.

My wife and I were never extremely frugal.  Still, we always made saving a priority and we kept lifestyle inflation to a minimum.  That allowed us to keep putting away an increasing share of our income.  We invested and built towards our goal of financial independence.

We achieved this goal two years ago, and in early 2016 we decided to leave our jobs.  This allowed us to get out of the daily grind and embark on a new chapter in life.  One that gives us more time and autonomy, and the freedom to pursue new and old interests.

About the name of the blog

Royal Blue is a reference to my undying support of the famous soccer club Schalke 04!!!

Freedom stands for the excitement and anticipation of starting a new phase in life.  It also stands for the choices that financial independence provides.  Finally, freedom can also bring challenges and uncertainty.  I would like to discuss those aspects also in this blog.

About the Blog:

At the outset, I have two main goals for this blog.

First, I would like to help others achieve their personal financial goals by providing resources, inspiration, thoughts and ideas.

And furthermore, simply engage and have fun with others passionate about financial independence, early retirement and personal finance.